Q&A: Marc Holzman

How Long have you been teaching yoga?
15 years

Why did you become a yoga teacher?
The treasures I received from my practice were too profound to keep to myself.  Teaching is not only my greatest passion, it’s also my absolute responsibility.  I am grateful that my passion and my dharma are one and the same.

Who and/or what are your biggest influences?
My open heart surgery, Dr. Paul Muller Ortega and Sally Kempton (meditation teachers), author Stephen Cope of Kripalu, Bryan Kest (my first Hatha teacher), my dad.

How has yoga helped you to be a better person?
Two answers for how I’ve become a better person through yoga:
I realize I am happier and more peaceful when I am not trying to control every situation
I feel less fearful of situations and outcomes that used to scare me

What is your personal mission statement as a yoga teacher?
Mission statement:  Dedicated to evolving people and planet through Ayurveda, Meditation, and Hatha Yoga.

What do you think constitutes an excellent yoga instructor?
The desire to be of service.  When this is prioritized, all the other qualities (integrity, humility, kindness, etc) naturally fall into place.  Technical knowledge is important but not the MOST important.

What was your most challenging teaching experience?
I once taught what I thought was a 2-hour workshop class but it was really supposed to be 3 hours.  When the host realized I was getting students into savasana she whispered to me:  “you have another hour left!!” I had to fudge my way through another hour of teaching after I had essentially ended the class.

What do you recommend to the beginner student? To the seasoned student?
To beginners:  Be patient and have fun!  The subtle gifts of yoga are more accessible after the hips and shoulders open!
To seasoned students:  Be patient and have fun! Never outgrow the joy of the practice

How do you take your yoga off the mat?
I teach yoga to homeless gay and lesbian youths at a shelter here in Los Angeles.

What is the one pose you are most proud of getting into?
Headstand! My all time fave!

What is your favorite time of day to practice yoga?
Always morning. The physical body is strongest during Kapha time (6-10 am)

Where is the best place you ever practiced yoga?
This sounds cliché – but wherever I am practicing feels like the best place. I do prefer practicing in public classes rather than home alone.

What is your favorite music to listen to while practicing yoga?
I listen to a recorded chant of the Sri Rudram

What do you think constitutes an excellent yoga instructor?
This is same question as #6

What else do you want students to know about you?
Please visit  http://teach.yoga/the-love-of-my-life/  to read a short recap of my yogic journey!  Some startling stuff in there.

Marc leads a 2 day workshop at Pulsation Yoga. October 23-24:


Friday, October 23:

Saturday, October 24: IN LAKE ZURICH STUDIO
10:45 am – 1:15 pm and 3:15 – 5:45 pm

Each session will be an aspect of Ayurveda philosophy (30 minutes) followed by a 2-hour asana session that corresponds to that lesson, to embody the teachings. To pre-register for this event: please call: 847-989-7792.

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